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Paid in Full: What’s the Holdup with Russell Wilson’s Contract?

Russell Wilson’s agent has sent a 16-page letter stating his case formally about the ongoing negotiations between his client and the Seattle Seahawks. For his part, Wilson has stated he will play regardless of his contract situation. His agent, Mark Rodgers, has stated the same thing. So what is the problem?  Part of the problem could be that Mr. Rodgers has largely been a baseball agent where contracts are guaranteed.  So it could just be a matter of the contract language.

The most pertinent is the question…Is Russell Wilson worth $100 million?

He has an impressive resume: two Super Bowl appearances during his 3-year career, a high efficiency rating and most important in this new fast NFL, his ability to move the ball with his legs and make plays at critical times.  Several of his contemporaries, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick and others have all received nine figure deals. All of this supports Russell getting paid, but obviously the Seattle Seahawks have some reservations in paying Mr. Wilson market value for a “good” QB.

With this being said, what are some of your thoughts? Is Russell Wilson worth $100 mil?  Why or why not…

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