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Imagery is Everything, Thirst is Nothing

As I watched Bart Scott,excuse me, I meant to say as I watched Richard Sherman on Sunday evening in his post-game interview, excuse me again, rant with Erin Andrews, I immediately knew that this moment would be problematic for the American psyche.  And I smiled. I smiled because I knew this particular moment would spur debate far greater than it warranted.  Bart Scott had a similar moment in 2011, but the imagery didn’t move US(A) the same way.  Sal Paolantonio was the interviewer not Erin Andrews, get the picture? 

Carl Jung talked about the “collective unconscious” and how experiences are organized in similar ways by a particular species.  So, on a sub-conscious level, the Richard Sherman moment moved us and we responded much in the same way Richard (he needs a nickname, but anyway) did, spontaneously.  Although we had time and many of us thought we took time, we didn’t!  We rushed to judgment and made all sorts of assertions about ole boy and that moment.  Because it moved us and we didn’t realize the effect of the moment.  Bart Scott’s interview has been lauded as one of the great pure football moments but Sherman’s was somehow different? Much in the way that LeBron James’ 2008 Vogue cover with Gisele (Mrs. Tom Brady) was different.

To reiterate, I smiled at the very moment, not because I knew it would be problematic, but I knew the right person was part of the problem and was in a unique position to be a long-term solution.  I was privy to the background information on RS (yeah I gave him a nickname).  I knew he was from Compton and an intelligent, articulate Stanford graduate that did not use a word of profanity during the interview, excuse me again, rant.  I knew the firestorm created by the media, social and otherwise, would force us to examine what we think about people and why we think these things.  In the words of Kanye West, “…pieces of sh*t…what’s the basis?!?”

So in the same week that President Obama says to David Remnick of The New Yorker that his 2004 speech at the DNC about post-racial post-partisan America was aspirational and Glenn Beck conceded on FOX Network (the irony among other things they covered the game too) he was part of the problem with America, Richard Sherman or RS as I call him, has put us in a unique position to really examine our psyche and hopefully move forward together.

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