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Discussion Fatigue: Things I Am Tired of Talking About



I am so glad that football season is back that it hurts.  I’m so excited that I have purchased preseason tickets and everything.  I even considered taking a trip to training camp.  I am going to Detroit for the first and last time to see….you got it a football game.  But, I am so glad most of all because I no longer have to talk about football season coming, I can now talk about football and that is effin’ great!!!!  That made me want a shot of vodka, but anyway…that will have to wait.

I have a few other things to get off my chest and that I want to stop discussing.

I am tired of justifying my status on the LeBron James bandwagon.  I have been on it since his heat-fans-memes-elite-daily-jpgsophomore year in high school and I figure now that he is a champion and achieved greatest player of this generation status, what is the sense of leaving now?  That’s like playing your same lottery number for thirteen years, finally winning and then just discarding the ticket.

Doesn’t make much sense now does it?

Besides, he has had me move my allegiance from Cleveland to Miami what is the big deal if I go back? Cleveland, we got the band back together and we’re traveling in a stretch wagon; I’m gonna bring some of that South Florida lifestyle to the Midwestern blue collar world with a lil’ Jersey twist.  Hope y’all opening up a few more hip-hop clubs, because we like to party we don’t cause trouble we…..!

Seriously folks, if you don’t own stock in the franchise, there is no real need to hang around if you don’t want to. It is a personal choice who you choose to root for and big picture wise, it is ABSOULUTELY not that damn important.  Stop using external shit for identity; you should be out of that phase of your life and I know this for a fact because I read a book…once!

I am tired of discussing Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love or Love for Wiggins or whatever.  And that’s all I’m going to say because I know I have to talk about it for at least another month or until Kevin Love is traded somewhere.

I am tired of not discussing baseball.  Folks meet the next boxing, this thing is trending down, I mean seriously down.

I am tired of talking about how soccer is growing. Not for my generation in the US.  In 20 years, it may be huge because the teens love it, but watching a 1 score final game was a drag and didn’t move the needle. I’ma get at y’all in “four more years”, just like how most of us that do vote only come out for the National Election and forget about mid-terms and local government elections. So, yeah I was frontin’ and soccer just gave me a new reason to pull out my convenient patriotism and wave it like I just don’t care.

Finally, I am tired of David Stern hiding.  It has gotten ridiculous how he has just vanished in the wake of all of the Donald Sterling fiasco (also tired of talking about that).  He has obviously built up an enormous amount of cache with the media who have allowed him to escape justice on this one.  I expect an interview with someone of his choosing once this is resolved to clear himself and espouse his position thoroughly.

Dave, dude, you my main man, I like a lot about you: you’re from Jersey, you went to Rutgers, built up the NBA brand heavy, but this one you handled poorly.  Come out of hiding, own it and let’s begin to heal and move on.  I’m just joking, do what you choose; you’re a hell of a lot smarter than I am. I think you know what ya’ doing, but I see you and you’re naked!


P.S. I’m tired of talking about both NFL and NBA draft picks and player transgressions, but I am more tired of writing and you’re probably tired of reading, so I’m done!!!!!!

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