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Are You Ready for some Football?!?

LeBron, Richard, Maverick, and Randy (LRMR) believe they are ready. So ready that they have entered into the football business with one Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football, and yes he has trademarked the name (take that NCAA).  Until this point LRMR has been all about LeBron. Sure they have signed a few clients, such as Ted Ginn Jr. and OJ Mayo, but their philosophy of brand building and marketing through partnerships is based on LeBron’s star power.

That’s why on paper this looks like a win/win.  Johnny Football currently has enough star-power to entice Wall Street and create similar types of partnership deals to James.  He is a household name and seemingly easy to market.  But for all his star power gained at the college level, he is an unproven pro commodity, not without his detractors.  Some project him to be a star (myself included), while others see him as another potential Heisman Trophy winning flop waiting to happen.

Whatever the end result, much is at stake for both LRMR and Manziel.  This could be the start of something big that catapults both brands to new levels as they #striveforgreatness or this could be the moment both LRMR and Manziel detractors have been waiting for to provide the proverbial finger wags and I told you so’s.  Whatever the end result, we will all be witnesses, as we ready ourselves for some Johnny Football!

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